Shower Panel

Shower in style


Shower panel in stylish design. The 602401 has a polished finish that makes the panel hygienic and easy to keep clean. Supplied with self-closing or manual valve and a water-saving shower head.



We are now introducing shower panels in stainless steel with several new features:


-          Possibility to set hygienic flush for legionella prevention
-          Sustainable/Eco-friendly showerhead with 6 ltr/minute flow
-          Energy and water saving possible by adjusting flow time
-          Made of stainless steel, which is recyclable


-          Angled top so it is not possible to place items on top of the shower
-          Angled top makes it also safe to use in f.e. mental healthcare
-          Angled showerhead
-          Stainless steel body makes it vandal resistant


-          Perfect for renovation, all plumbing is inside the shower panel
-          Plug and play
-          The shower panels are standalone units. All features are possible without the need for a central control unit.
-          Battery 6v or 24v main power operated

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