Intra Mineral washbasin

Intra Mineral – Design, quality and long durability.


Seamless, clean lines in the sanitary room with Mineral hand wash basins.

Washbasins in public sanitary spaces with high demands on quality and function should last for many years without falling for temporary trends. They should be timeless and at the same time modern. Intras collection of wash basins casted in one piece are made of 80% crushed marble and synthetic material to make them extra strong and durable. The beautiful satin finish surface has a hygienic coating without pores and is easy to clean. An alternative to stainless steel in ambitious projects with high demands on functionality, individuality and aesthetics. Sanitary facilities you would like to return to.

The Mineral wash basins have integrated brackets molded in the same material, but can also be mounted with separate white steel wall brackets. Supplied with or without front and side panels. Supplied as standard in white, other colors are available on request.


Intra can also deliver tailor made solutions and Mineral wash basins in flexible lengths.




- Flexibility in design
- Tailor made solutions and flexible lengths possible
- Very precise casting, low shrinking
- Different colors possible on request


- The washbasins and worktop are casted in one piece: continuous surface between basin and countertop
- Seamless design and clean lines
- Easy to clean, pore-free sanitary coating with a matt finish
- For projects like hospitals, spa’s etc

- Intra can provide Antibacterial coating 



- The mix of 80% crushed marble and 20% polyesteric resin gives the optimal strength, flexibility and durability
- All basins are according to CE EN 14688-2015
- can be repaired and small repairs can be done by the customer with a repair kit
- These products are high quality and designed for a long life time



- Intra Mineral consists of 80% natural marble stones. A recommended product for Green Projects



- Easy to install / reduced mounting time as it is a monoblock product
- Integrated mounting solutions/composite brackets

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