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Intra's ambition is to raise the standard of public sanitary areas.


The sanitary room is important, Not only because most of us spend large parts of our day in public sanitary areas, but equally, because in many ways they are a building's signature. It is one of the rooms in which one can create character, and an experience of something extra.


It is also a room where quite particular requirements are made in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, design and aesthetics. The sanitary room needs to meet complex needs, while at the same time being capable of withstanding very intensive use over time without deterioration in quality. So, stainless steel is the obvious choice of material for this purpose. A unique material with special properties, and advantages, which has also become an important part of Intra's signature.


Intra's ambition is to raise the standard of public sanitary areas. It is our ambition - and always our point of departure, when we develop products and solutions for one of the most important buildings in the room.


This is an ambition we share with our customers, and one of the reasons why we are so often the supplier of choice for ambitious projects with no compromise in respect of functional and aesthetic quality.


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