Innovative design and high quality are not enough in our fast-paced society. Production must be efficient and in order to preserve production in Mölntorp in Västmanland, we make conscious and long-term investments in modern and efficient production equipment - which at the same time reduces our CO2 footprint.


• We have an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015, which means that our environmental work is systematized and we work preventively to reduce our environmental impact.


• We utilize the natural resources in our local area, and use, for example, ‘non-drinking water’ for cooling processes in our production.

• We use scrap metal after the manufacturing process, which is then reused and turned into new sinks and other products.

• Accurate waste sorting in production; packaging, plastic, scrap, cellular plastic, stainless steel scrap, combustible.

• Over the years, we have invested in new energy-efficient lighting in the factory.

• We focus on renewable electricity and now only buy renewable electricity from Solar, Wind and Water.

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