Quality & Environmental Policy                 


Quality and Environment are part of our core values!


Customer Focus: Quality is the tool for measuring our performance seen from the customers' perspective.

Our success as a business depends on our ability to:
• Understanding and meeting our customers and all interesting parties requirements and needs
• Engage an active quality framework with continuous improvements
• Exceed customers expectations


To achieve this we must be better than our competitors, that requires that we must always listen to our customers and based on what we are told, to plan and continuously improve our quality and environmental management system.

We will strive to reduce our impact on the environment by:
• Offering our customers products and services with less environmental impact
• Protect the environment and Continuously work to reduce our overall environmental impact by working with resources and energy efficient production system.
• Comply with all laws, regulations and all binding requirements and ensure that they are communicated and followed up related to products and services that have an effect on the environment aspects
• Select and encourage our suppliers to comply with our quality- and environmental policy


To achieve this we must continuously measure, monitor and ensure interaction between processes as well as their control to achieve the desired results and as far as possible, require the same from our suppliers, the usage of recyclable materials, setting up and following the relevant quality- and  environmental objectives.


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Mölntorp 2022-03-07

Jan Bertelsen, VD