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A number of Intra's products are now available as digital models, which can be downloaded to any BIM software and used by architects and consultants throughout the entire construction process.


BIMobject® is a Swedish technology company with a global presence operating at the forefront of digitalising the building industry. More intelligent design and construction lead to better product selections, reduced waste, and more efficient logistics during the building process. At the same time, property management benefits from higher quality, improved use of energy, and lower operating costs.


A BIM object is an object in a database containing information about 2D and 3D geometry as well as description, features, surface layers or other product data. Links to maintenance documents, installation manuals, etc. is also available in the item information section.


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The Intra Group acquires Elcee Sanitary Business Unit


We are proud to announce that the Intra Group has acquired the Elcee Sanitary Business Unit as of mid-October 2016. During the last couple of years both companies have had an international strategic partnership which now has materialized in the acquisition. This acquisition is done to support the export strategy of the Intra Group.


Elcee is a supplier of stainless steel sanitary and affiliated products for both the national market in Holland and export markets. Know-how, professionalism and a large range of products from world leading producers is key for the success of the company which was founded in Rotterdam, Holland in 1923. Functionality and durability are two concepts that are highly valued in practice. This way it shall always be assured that the products meet the highest quality requirements.


The Intra Group is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of kitchen sinks, mini-kitchens and sanitary products in stainless steel. The Intra Group is a part of Teka Industrial S.A., one of the world-leading producers of kitchen sinks and household appliances with sales offices and production facilities all over the world. The vision of the Intra Group is to be the most Innovative supplier of quality products in stainless steel for the Scandinavian kitchen and public sanitary room.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact Jorg Kleijssen or Jan Bertelsen.


Welcome to Northern Europe´s largest and most important construction industry event!

At Nordbygg we present our latest kitchen sink Eligo, awarded with Red Dot - Best of the Best, German Design Award and Interior Innovation Award. Eligo is a kitchen sink designed for real needs and kitchens, with a mix of soft and hard lines, discrete touch buttons and innovative accessories.


In a Scandinavian kitchen the sink is a tool that also needs to work as part of the interior. The Frame series has firm lines and rounded corners which give a modern and harmonious expression.
We have extended the Omnia range with seven new models, all with Intra universal flange that can be used for both inset, under- and flush mount.


Our ambition is to raise the standard of the public sanitary room. It reflects the buildings signature, and is one of the rooms where you can create character and an experience of something extra. Millinox sanitary accessories, Icon wash basin, the flush free urinal and our wash trough for inset all meet particular requirements in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, design and aesthetics.


Do not miss the premiere of our concept kitchen, made entirely of stainless steel! Take the opportunity to experience delicious appetizers in a creative cooking environment.


Thoughts from the designer:
”For Intra we wanted to make a generous kitchen that could match a serious interest in cooking and high demands of kitchen equipment with the great quality of being surrounded by nature. A kitchen that encourage serious cooking, preparing, storing and serving. The sliding top reveals all the equipment and simultaneously creates a large spatious serving and dining area for you and your friends. By closing the top the kitchen transforms into a solid stainless steel block that protects the equipment all the year around.”


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Intra Mölntorp: Export Company of the Year 2015


Export Company of the Year is a tribute to a regional company that has succeeded internationally and thereby increased local production and profitability.


"Effective quality work and high delivery reliability have led to successful export. Intra has received design awards for their products and thus obtained recognition for internationally competitive products."


Hallstahammar Promotion 2015-11-18






Intra Eligo awarded with yet another design prize!


The jury of international experts for the German Design Award 2016 has awarded Intra Eligo with the distinction “Winner” for outstanding design quality in the category Kitchen.


The goal of the German Design Council is to discover, present and honour unique design trends and products that are ground-breaking in the international design landscape. The German Design Award is one of the most well-respected design competitions in the world and only those products that demonstrably set themselves apart from their competitors are invited to participate.


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Intra  I  Vedum Supplier of the Year


Involving our customers in the development process is an important part of our continuous improvement plan.


This is one of the reasons why we recently were elected Supplier of the Year for the second year in a row by Vedum, Swedish kitchen and bath manufacturer.


"Despite substantially increased volumes, Intra managed to halve customer reactions with excellent quality work. In case of problem caused by the supplier they have solved it with fast replacement deliveries. They take our views into consideration and presents creative solutions and actions and continuously work with improvements. Delivery reliability is still high and our needs regarding delivery times and logistics are being met. The daily work is managed in a smooth and simple manner and by our close cooperation we conduct development work together.

This is why Intra has been awarded with Vedum Supplier of the Year 2014."




Vedum I Intra kitchen sinks


Red Dot Award 2015: Statement by the jury


"The concept of the Intra Eligo kitchen sink offers users enchanting novel functionality based on smart technologies. Several features are operated via a touch panel, and the sink bowl can divide into two, rearranging the available space for a more effective work process. Designed with soft radiuses and clear lines, this concept also integrates a wide range of practical solutions that bring more ease and convenience to everyday work in the kitchen."


Red Dot online exhibition


Intra and Elcee join forces!


We are proud to announce that starting June 1st 2015, Elcee with its stainless steel sanitary business unit will be Intras international strategic partner.


Intra receives top prize in the Red Dot Award 2015!


Eligo, the new kitchen sink from Intra, won over the international 38-member jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015, and was awarded the title Red Dot: Best of the Best.


The jury’s motivation was Top design quality and ground-breaking design.


Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 - Again great success for Swedish Design


"41 submissions from Sweden were awarded in the prestigious award for product design and three products received the highest single distinction "Red Dot: Best of the Best". Since 2012 this seal of outstanding design quality was awarded to Swedish designers 18 times, including this year's winners: the kitchen sink "Intra Eligo" by Intra Mölntorp AB Design, the forest helmet of Husqvarna Group and the Volvo XC90."


Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015


Interior Innovation Award


"Intra Eligo is a new and unique kitchen sink concept in a Scandinavian clean design with innovative and practical functions. Touch controls for opening/closing the waste, lifting the bottom scraper (for garbage removal) and opening the water for the dishwasher (3 or 12h). A flexible wall allows the user to use one big bowl or divide it into two separate. Also other practical 2-component plastic accessories. Soft details for a soft feeling, sound-damping and stability in use. Colander, cutlery basket and chopping board with a living hinge in the middle for full or half size use."


German Design Council