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Intra presents Cristadur® Greenwich to the Granite kitchen sink range!

Greenwich is a sink in Cristadur® suitable for under- and flush mounting in exquisite colours black Magma, white Polaris, brown Bronze, grey Silverstone and black Puro. The integrated Perfect Drain is a new and minimalistic design detail – more colour, less stainless steel.


The innovative Cristadur® material feels Silky-smooth, is easy to clean and has the same tough properties as the Cristalite+®. Essential qualities for the kitchen sink as it statistically is the most frequently used part of the kitchen.


Cristadur® Mono

Mono is a classic sink with a large, deep bowl and rear space that can be equipped with up to five holes for tap, soap dispenser and pop-up waste. Available in black Magma, white Polaris, brown Bronze, grey Silverstone and black Puro.


Trendy kitchen sink in a unique material 

Cristalite+® has created a new standard for composite sinks. The material is a mix of granite and acrylic which is three times tougher than normal granite, this makes the Cristalite+® very resistant to knocks and scratches. It is stain-resistant, easy to clean and therefore very hygenic.


We have a cleaning kit, Easy Care, for our granite products which simplifies cleaning. Granite Cristalite+® has a metallic finish and is delivered in two different colours.



NB! Only for sale in the Nordic countries!

Greenwich N100L
Greenwich N100
Mono N100 L
Mono N100
Mono D100L
Mono D150
Nemo N100
Nemo N100 S
Primus D100
Primus D150
Primus N100 XL
Solido N100
Solido N50
Solido N75
Classic N150
Euro R100
Euro N100