Intra Nivis

Kitchen sink with focus on sustainability

New! IntraNivis - design, function och focus on sustainability

The Scandinavian winter landscape has inspired IntraNivis with its simple lines and clean design. The name Nivis comes from the Latin word for snow. The pattern on the drainer is well balanced against the flat surface and resemble tracks in the snow or furrows of drifting snow formed by the wind.


Balance between soft and hard shapes

Nivis has an updated design with soft transitions and a fine balance between radiuses and shapes that results in a functional and elegant kitchen sink. Design, feel and function go hand in hand. The shape is minimalistic and appealing with simple clean lines that give a pleasant impression without excessive details. The soft warm feeling is well balanced against the solid and straight lines. 


IntraNivis is an affordable product without compromising on quality. The sink fits in most kitchens and is designed with a universal flange, for easy installation regardless if it is for inset, under- or flush mount.


Focus on sustainability

We have high demands on quality and a focus on sustainability in all processes!

We make conscious choices in our product development when we design new products. Kitchen sinks in sustainable Scandinavian design are sinks you want to live with for a long time!


Stainless steel is a material with unique properties and advantages that can withstand intensive use for many years – therefore stainless steel is a good choice of material for the environment. We work with suppliers who, just like us, aim for a lower environmental impact.


In our factory in Mölntorp, Sweden, we use renewable energy throughout the entire production process. The majority of the materials and components are recycled, and we have developed an accessory that is made from residual materials that we have recovered during manufacturing. In addition, we reduce printed installation and maintenance instructions by making them available via a QR code that comes with the product.


The result of our sustainability focus is a 28% lower CO² footprint for IntraNivis!


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