Design your own kitchen sink - drawing program

Welcome to Intra Design Studio 2.0!


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Intras drawing application is based on modern and future-proof technology and has a modern, responsive design that works both in the computer, tablet and smartphone.


Some features:
• User-friendly drag-and-drop function for placing the bowls or cut-out for hobs
• All cut-outs (tap holes, soap dispenser, pop-up waste) are clearly shown on the drawing
• Cut-out for hobs on Customized Standard
• Simplified edge choices for Customized Standard


Intra can manufacture sit-on sinks to meet all requirements, both in terms of length, height and width, with or without bowls, and in a variety of forms. If you choose a Customized Standard sit-on sink, you get a kitchen sink in the length that you require. If you choose a Tailor-made IntraSpecial you get a sit-on kitchen sink in accordance with your requirements.

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