Choose the right kitchen sink

The kitchen sink – the heart of the kitchen


Discover new possibilities in your kitchen! There is a great variety of kitchen sinks.
Good design inspires and makes your everyday routine easier.
Which kitchen sink suits your needs?


Cabinet size. What is the size of the cabinet in which the kitchen sink is going to be fitted?


How many and how large bowls do you need?
Should there be enough space for roasting trays and large pots?

Do you need a sit-on sink with large working area?

Do you need a drainer? On which side?
What function does the kitchen sink have in your kitchen?

Which accessories do you want? Chopping board, rinsing basket or soap dispenser custom-made for the kitchen sink.

Drain grating or basket waste? With or without pop-up waste? Easy cover? Keep in mind that not all kitchen sinks can be delivered with all types of waste kits.

Stainless steel or granite? Steel is excellent with regards to cleaning, hygiene and long lifetime. Granite kitchen sinks are resistant to scratches and give the kitchen a distinctive character.

Do you sort at source and recycle? Then you need space for several waste bins in the kitchen cabinet and should choose a kitchen sink with space-saving water trap. Upgrade the kitchen with an Intra food waste disposer! You avoid the mess and the smell, and get a hygienic, practical and eco-friendly kitchen.


How to mount your kitchen sink? You can choose between different ways to fit your kitchen sink; inset, under mount, flush mount and sit-on sinks. The different alternatives give each kitchen sink its own distinctive character.

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