The History of Intra Group


Intra is known for high quality precision design and stainless steel products. The knowledge required to make such products comes from diverse innovations over many decades.


Together with the combined know-how of Mölntorp in Sweden and Juvel in Denmark, Intra has experimented with a wide range of products to gather the knowledge and experience needed to become what it consists of today.


More than 140 years of entrepreneurship and innovation stands behind the beautifully crafted products of Intra Group.



Intra, a brief history

The company which would eventually become Intra had it's inception in 1946, just after World War II.

A gentleman from Trondheim, Konrad Lassen, founded Tapas Fabrikker A / S. The idea was to start production of wallpaper. Production, however, did not come to be. There was not enough money to purchase the necessary machinery.


Konrad Lassen's good fortune was that he was married to Nanna Friberg, a girl from Östersund.

Through her, he got in touch with a Swedish company that manufactured sinks and other stainless steel items.

Konrad, with the help of this contact Claes Hallström, restarted the company in 1947 with a different focus.

The company's new name became Byggeartikler A / S.


Byggeartikler A / S started out with selling building products such as galvanized sheet metal, but eventually moved more toward the Östersund-inspired stainless steel manufacturing.

Byggeartikler A / S changed it's name to Intra AS in 1976. The company expanded greatly over the years in the Norwegian market. Partly through its own growing power and partly through acquisitions of other companies.


In 1988, Intra AS bought into the Swedish and Danish markets by merging with Gustavsberg in Sweden and Juvél in Denmark.


During 1989, Intra AS moved it's Norwegian production facilities from Trondheim to it's current location in Malvik.


In 1994, Intra AS established a department in Poland as well as Germany in 1996.



Intra today

Following it's expansion in the 1990s, Intra-Group consisted of 297 employees and a turnover of NOK 300 million.


In 2007, Intra became a part of Teka Industrial, an international industrial group which operates in 125 countries.


Mölntorp's Farm of Sweden is leased by a master blacksmith and his son in 1871.



The company shares are sold and is renamed Mölntorps AB in 1895.


A/S Frederiksberg Metalvarefabrik of Copenhagen fabricates tin containers for the dairy sector beginning in 1898.



Burmeister & Wain obtain shares in FM. International sales match domestic. The factory triples in size and the number of employees reaches over 200.



Gustaf Lundberg is hired as a foreman.


B&W is sold leaving FM to run independently again as the product range becomes greatly diversified.



Gustaf Lundberg becomes managing director. Manufacturing stainless steel sinks in volume.



Production begins of the Heltrukne stainless steel kitchen sinks.



World War II halts plans for expansion which can not be effectively realized until after the war. Product diversification based on war demands gives further knowledge.


Konrad Lassen starts Tapas Fabrikker A / S in 1946. In 1947, the company is renamed Byggeartikler A / S.



Changes in society gives more leisure time allowing product diversification including aluminium boats, folding chairs and tables. FM is under the ownership of Andersen & Bruun Factories.



Byggeartikler A / S greatly expands into Norwegian market.



Byggeartikler A / S becomes INTRA AS in 1976.


Modernization of the stainless steel kitchen sinks lead to highly successful product releases.


The company expanded to around 200 employees and manufactured approximately 350,000 sinks per year.



Intra AS purchases Gustavsberg's stainless steel production in Sweden and Frederiksberg Metalvarefabrik in Denmark. Norwegian production is moved from Trondheim to Malvik



Intra establishes itself in Poland and Germany. Intra Group has expanded to include 297 employees.



Intra becomes a part of the Teka Industrial,an international industrial group with operations in 125 countries.




The Intra Group acquires the Elcee Sanitary Business Unit in 2016.