There is something special about the Scandinavian kitchen. In Scandinavia, the kitchen is one of the home’s main rooms, we spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen and we really use it. The sink is a tool that also needs to work as a part of your interior. This is the starting point for our designdriven product development. We make kitchen sinks for people who use them actively and needs practical, durable working tools.


Behind Intra’s kitchen taps lies meticulous research, knowledge and thoughtful design from some of Europe’s leading designers, with great emphasis on aesthetics and details. The range combines design and functionality that the kitchen tap has in a modern kitchen. All Intra kitchen taps are certified by SINTEF Byggforsk.


Eligo – a kitchen sink for real needs


For many, the kitchen sink has become a choice between form and function. And perhaps above all an uninteresting choice.
Eligo is something else: a sink that is designed for real needs and kitchens, and that makes the category more interesting. The awardwinning design is an addition to the kitchen’s interior, with its mix of soft and hard lines, discrete touch buttons and changing shapes. Features and accessories are not always noted at first sight, but mean that the kitchen sink can be changed, adapted and used in a variety of ways.
It is simply designed to fit into your personal kitchen.



Installation instructions Intra Eligo


Icon. Inspired by pure Scandinavian nature.


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